just when i thought everything was perfect my life suddenly gets ruined and all happiness was gone.

maybe if i just leave you alone out perfectness can come back if we try again, i know you said youre done for good, who knows why, but i really  have a little feeling inside me that it will hopefully all work out. maybe you will miss me but probably not. maybe once you date her you will realize i was the one. not her. because i promise everything we had was perfect. couldnt have asked for anything better  but i guess i have no say in how long my happiness lasts. for now i get to sit and wait and hope it all works out and you like me again.. until then i get the silent/ignoring treatment along with short answers. we both know theres no way to be just friends. its either together or nowhere near either of those. just trying to be as patient as possible. 

Haven’t been on here in FOREVER!

mostly because I’m super happy with my amazing boyfriend that I love and have nothing to complain about and work and school is also very time consuming. hmm oh how things have changed :)

*In le EMT class*
  • Teacher: *points to student* You have a fifty-one year old male in cardiac arrest. What do you do?
  • Student: uh…Call 911?
  • Teacher:
  • Student:
  • Teacher:
  • Student:
  • Me:
  • Whole class:
  • Teacher: …You ARE 911…
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Get to spend most of today with my baby :)

once he gets up of course. i really wish i couldve slept in more but my kitten woke me up -.-

Had an amazing night with my baby last night at the football game :)
Only downside was having to have self control of not pushing this slutty bitch down the stairs. I fucking hate attention whores. You better not fucking touch my boyfriend again and get the hell outta here your boots were FAKE! They were fucking winter boots!! You’re a little slut you had 3 guys following you around all night. Hmmm I wonder what they wanted. Slut. Callin me ugly ? Come fucking say that to my face bitch. Start some more shit and see what fucking happens. I was trying to ignore it as much as possible but I was just to pissed off. Ugh hate high school.